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Tesla Motors Fights Fire with Titanium

Posted by Don Ascione on April 22, 2014

On the way to becoming an overnight sensation, something funny happened to the Tesla Motor Co. in the last couple of years. Three of its highly touted Model S sedans caught fire in on-road accidents, raising the specter of something dangerous lurking in the electric cars’ motors. Upon further examination, however, investigators found that the cause of the accidents was the undercarriage of Tesla vehicles striking metal debris on the road, which punctured the aluminum shielding designed to protect the sedan’s lithium-ion battery packs, causing something called “thermal runaway.”  

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Topics: titanium, metal standards, Racing, Automotive Industry

Racing to Victory: The 2013 US Grand Prix

Posted by Don Ascione on December 9, 2013

Three days, 250,324 excited fans, a record-breaking Formula 1 racer, and one really cool Texas city—we think it’s safe to say this year’s US Grand Prix was a major success.

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Topics: Continental Steel, Racing, Automotive Industry

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