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Copper in the Medical Industry

Posted by Don Ascione on October 6, 2015

When a patient checks into a hospital, they expect to be given care that helps them overcome the illness or injury that they are suffering. For many, however, the reality is that they will endure some form of infection that was contracted in the hospital itself.
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Continental Steel and the Chlor-Alkali Industry

Posted by Don Ascione on February 23, 2015

It might not be a household name, but the global chlor-alkali industry is a critical part of modern manufacturing. At its most basic, chlor-alkali production is a process by which electrolysis is used to turn sodium chloride (saltwater/brine) into two byproducts: chlorine, and sodium hydroxide. In fact, the chlor-alkali process is responsible for 95% of the world’s chlorine and 100% of sodium hydroxide production.

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