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What is the Difference Between Inconel® and Incoloy®?

Posted by Don Ascione on May 14, 2015

Although Inconel® and Incoloy® belong to the same family of superalloys, each possesses its own distinct properties, as well as sharing others. Also known as high-performance alloys, the superalloys in general provide high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, as well as mechanical strength at elevated temperatures.

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Topics: high temp alloy, Aerospace Applications, incoloy, high temperature alloys, inconel

Subsea Applications of Nickel Alloys

Posted by Don Ascione on April 29, 2015

It is critical for piping systems in subsea applications to maintain their reliability and integrity. When selecting the material for these systems, you need to optimize investment and operational costs, in a way that Life Cycle Costs (LCC) are minimized while providing acceptable safety and reliability.

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Topics: monel, nickel alloys, inconel

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