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The Construction Boom in Florida

Posted by Adam Ascione on April 10, 2015

After collapsing under the weight of the last great recession, the building trades in Florida are coming back strong. Construction activity is high across the entire state, with projects in South Florida leading the way. The current building boom is putting skilled workers back on the job. Furthermore, the type of building is spread between residential construction (37%) and commercial, educational and institutional buildings (15%).

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How to Buy Steel Bar

Posted by Adam Ascione on November 3, 2014

Steel bar is is one of the more simple shapes to request - but there are some things that you should know when asking for a quote

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Steel Plate Basics - Buying Steel Plate

Posted by Don Ascione on June 25, 2014

In previous articles, we've covered buying pipe, tube, and beam (all which have various unique apsects which make them more complicated). However, buying steel plate is about as basic as it gets.
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Steel Beam Basics – How to Buy Steel Beams

Posted by Don Ascione on May 12, 2014

Carbon steel beams come in a variety of different forms and specifications to suit countless industrial applications. At Continental Steel & Tube, we know that it can be difficult to navigate through the myriad of beam options to find the right one for your particular project. You can narrow the choices down simply and easily, however, by focusing on your major requirements. Typically, this includes elements like shape, grade and size.

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