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Steel Plate Basics - Buying Steel Plate

Posted by Don Ascione on June 25, 2014

In previous articles, we've covered buying pipe, tube, and beam (all which have various unique apsects which make them more complicated). However, buying steel plate is about as basic as it gets.
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The Top Lightweight Metals for Aerospace

Posted by Don Ascione on October 14, 2013

All metals designed for the aerospace industry must not only adhere to the highest standards of quality, but also have the right chemical and physical properties to withstand a rigorous environment. These aerospace materials should essentially be lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. The metals that best display these qualities, making them the top choice for aerospace use, are titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel.

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Topics: Space Exploration, Alloy Steel Bars, Aerospace Applications

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