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What Makes a "Pump Shaft Quality" Stainless Steel Bar?

Posted by Don Ascione on December 1, 2015

Pump shafts are stainless steel bars that can vary in shape depending on the pump application.  These bars, however, are manufactured to a higher standard than common steel bars.  Elevated requirements come from a variety of factors:

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Titanium Dioxide: How a Roof Coating Can Help Lower Air Pollution

Posted by Don Ascione on November 3, 2015

The topic of air pollution has become a central discussion point in today’s world. In the wake of present environmental issues, many people continue to look for effective ways to ameliorate the pollution harming the atmosphere. And while the task of alleviating air toxins is ordinarily allotted to plants and trees, new studies have shown that titanium dioxide roof tiles can help break down nitrogen oxides and remove it from the air.

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Aluminum in the Aerospace Industry

Posted by Don Ascione on October 15, 2015

Aluminum is one of the most common metals in the world, with an expansive influence that touches lives every day. From covering dinner in the oven to providing structural elements of an aircraft, aluminum‘s light weight and high strength make it ideal for many applications

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Copper in the Medical Industry

Posted by Don Ascione on October 6, 2015

When a patient checks into a hospital, they expect to be given care that helps them overcome the illness or injury that they are suffering. For many, however, the reality is that they will endure some form of infection that was contracted in the hospital itself.
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What is the Difference Between Hastelloy® and Incoloy®?

Posted by Adam Ascione on September 17, 2015

Hastelloy® and Incoloy® are both members of the “superalloy” family, also known as high-performance alloys. As such, they have several key characteristics in common. They both possess excellent mechanical strength, especially at high temperatures, and they are both highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. However, there are also several important differences to note between these two superalloys, including their chemical composition, their weldability, and their suitability for different applications.

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All About Wire Gauges

Posted by Adam Ascione on September 8, 2015

Wire and Gauge

Wire — no matter its source metal — is measured in length and gauge. Higher gauge numbers refer to thinner wire, optimal for running long distances and maintaining conductivity. Lower gauge numbers refer to thicker wire, which can carry more amps at a time. Evaluating the needs of your project and familiarizing yourself with gauging systems will help ensure the right wire selection.

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Titanium: For High Performance Automotive Applications

Posted by Don Ascione on August 6, 2015

Less mass = greater speed and better performance! 

Most of us know that cars go faster and burn less fuel if they weigh less but very few of us know how to reduce the weight.  In fact, many of the constructors we meet that design and build high-end race cars are very surprised to learn how many automotive parts and fasteners are now being manufacturer from titanium alloys.  It’s logical; titanium is stronger than steel and weighs 40% less.  Even Tesla (yes Tesla, not Ferrari) is using titanium sheet for underbody shields on their Model S sedan.

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History and Composition: The Resilience of Stainless Steel

Posted by Don Ascione on July 22, 2015

Stainless steel has become such a common metal that it’s used in everything from home appliances and cutlery to chemical and pharmaceutical, medical, and oil and gas applications. It is so commonly seen by everyone that it is difficult to remember that there was a time when stai

nless steel did not exist. 

A History Lesson

Through the early 1900s, advances and discoveries were made that led to the industrialization of stainless steel. In 1912, an English researcher named Harry Brearley discovered stainless steel alloy while searching for ways to create gun barrels that were resistant to corrosion. After applying for a patent, Brearley discovered that an American named Elwood Haynes had also applied for a patent. Brearley and Haynes pooled their funds and formed the American Stainless Steel Corporation.

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Mexico City Construction- On the Comeback Trail

Posted by Don Ascione on June 24, 2015

There's no denying that there was a serious slowdown in the construction industry in Mexico City around 2012 and 2013. General economic lethargy had a huge impact on construction, as both commercial and residential consumers worried about their financial futures. The end result was a Mexico City construction industry that contracted for 9 straight months in 2013 with an overall loss of 4.5%.

 As it turns out, it truly was the darkest before the dawn, as 2014 saw steady growth and the 4th quarter of last year saw Mexico's economy grow at its largest rate in two years. The GDP climbed 2.6% from 2013 to 2014, and most experts are predicting a breakout construction year in 2015.

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Nickel Alloys: Breaking Down the Elements

Posted by Don Ascione on May 27, 2015

Nickel alloys
are composed of nickel and copper, as well as smaller amounts of iron, manganese, carbon and silicon.  The combined properties of these elements make nickel alloy both easier to machine and stronger than the elements would be on their own. 

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